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 Origin would like to join (PASS)

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PostSubject: Origin would like to join (PASS)   Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:24 pm

Your ingame name (your most used one):
Origin (Enrymion, Enry and Enrymionlayer are my brother's names)

Any other ingame names for our member listing:
Zelos and Ramirez were my IGNs in the past... And then there's the ton of random names of course, which I will not be listing here, because I don't remember any of them.

How long you have played tremulous:
Uhh... Tough one... Perhaps around 2-3 years. I don't really keep a close watch over my doings and I've had numerous pauses during the gaming periods.

At what servers you play the most:
I don't really live in one or two servers, yet anyway. I drift along the pings and player count, preferably 14~ players. Also one thing I hate in a server is unlagged, I just don't have ANY positive experiences about not being able to spin around a goon because I am incapable of being "ahead" and following my natural instincts, instead, I'm forced to do absolutely random, illogical moves, if I wish to survive, that is(Ignore this if you don't have any other theories about this).

Where you live(in other words, your timezone):
Finland (Europe! o.o), GMT +2

And any extra information you'd like to add. hobbies, humor...etc:
I don't have any significant hobbies or anything of the sort that could possibly be of useful information to any of you.
I watch anime?! I'm just a noob. I feed. Ahahaha. Well, I do. But I also can kill. Mwahahaha! >:E
Ok, now, back on topic.
I'm just going to list my characteristics here, if you don't mind:
slight grammar freak, weird, 17-year old(DOB: april 3rd, 1992), weird, green and red reactionstyle, gamer, loves tos and is going to buy tos:dotnw after it is released in EU which is 2 days from now, takes everything personally, very easy to please, four-eyes, occasionally extremely positive and optimistic.

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PostSubject: Re: Origin would like to join (PASS)   Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:30 pm

he can join xd
tested him and spoke with him xd
he is good and cool, all you need to be to join fot xd
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PostSubject: Re: Origin would like to join (PASS)   Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:25 am

great application. welcome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Origin would like to join (PASS)   

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Origin would like to join (PASS)
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